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Quick hello from Chef Casey

Super Bowl is next weekend and I wanted to let you know about our Super Bowl Pack available to preorder for pickup on Saturday, February 12 or have it delivered on Sunday February 13th. Here is the menu and the link:

There are many more SOUPS available to order – click the link here to see what is in stock:

Check this link for MEALS MADE EASY!

COMING NEXT WEEK: Valentine’s Day Breakfast Survival Packs. Check our website!

As always, I wish you great food with friends and family.

Chef Casey


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Service Updates from Fresh Market Kitchen

Well..hello there! Long time no speak 🙂 – It’s Chef Casey from Fresh Market Kitchen checking in to let you know what has been going on over at Fresh Market Kitchen in Selkirk, Ontario.

We are hosting our fourth Kids Kitchen Class this evening where Chef Casey will teach a hands-on class to 8 young budding chefs on the art of making pesto turkey meatball subs and chewy chocolate chip cookies. It is an opportunity for our youth to get their hands dirty, literally, and learn some life skills in a supportive nonjudgmental environment. They have enjoyed our past classes and always look forward to the next one! There are only 2 more classes planned for the kiddos for the remainder of this year plus a PA Day workshop for our teens and tweens. Adults, we have you covered too! We have couples’ classes, ladies only, mixed classes and basic skills classes. There is literally something for just about every body! We have also been booking private chef classes for small groups – great idea for a ladies get-together or a team building exercise for work colleagues. Reach out and see what we can put together for you.

Frozen Meal Delivery: We have expanded our circle for delivery and the schedule is below. The process is simple…head to our website at and click SHOP to place your order for delivery. If you know that you will not be home on the day of your delivery, we just ask that you leave a cooler out on the porch and we will safely deposit your order in there. Easy peasy! Here is the delivery schedule:

Tuesday: Fisherville, Kohler, Cayuga

Wednesday: Caledonia

Thursday: Selkirk, Jarvis, Waterford, Hagersville

Friday: Dunnville

Fresh Market Kitchen is now taking orders for our Christmas Dinner meals for pickup from our kitchen on Christmas Eve. Delivery may be available – just put a note in your order when you reserve online. Here is our menu for Christmas Dinner. Each feast includes reheating instructions as you will pickup your meal fully cooked and chilled.

D O U B L E F E A S T ( S E R V E S  2 )  $ 9 0 . 0 0 + H S T
F A M I L Y F E A S T ( S E R V E S  6 )  $ 2 6 0 . 0 0 + H S T








Don’t wait too long to reserve your meal…quantities are limited. Send us an email if you have any questions to

Kitchen Hours: You may have noticed that our front door information has been updated at the kitchen and indicates that we are open by appointment only. As has always been our policy from the beginning of our journey at Fresh Market Kitchen, you are always welcome in our kitchen – just shoot us a message to check that someone is there before you head over. Thank you for your support and patience. It is greatly appreciated.

Catering: We have had inquiries recently asking if we will cater their private party – please know that we wish we could cook for everyone, but we are fully booked for the rest of this year for private chef events. We are taking bookings for January/February 2022 now. Let us know if you would like Chef Casey to prepare a culinary feast for your gathering!

I think that is everything for now. As always, I wish you great food with family and friends. Hope to serve you soon.

Chef Casey

Fresh Market Kitchen, Selkirk

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Just a quick note to update you on what’s been happening at Fresh Market Kitchen! Chef Casey has been cooking up a storm, loading the freezer with delicious from-scratch meals ready for delivery. Head to our website to place your order for delivery. Here is the link to get started!

We deliver on Thursday and Friday (depending on your area) usually between 2-4 pm. When you place an order, you will be advised which day your area is serviced for delivery, and we ask you that, if you will not be home to receive your frozen items, kindly leave a cooler on the porch and we will put your items in it to keep everything safe.

Our cooking classes have been a hit! We are offering children’s classes, ladies evenings, couples classes and private demonstrations in our kitchen in Selkirk. We are adding new classes frequently, so check back often! We are going to be offering classes to different age groups for children very soon. We are also taking bookings for Private Chef in your Home events – best suited to groups of up to 10 people. Email us to get started. Who wouldn’t love to take all the stress out of entertaining at home or venturing out as a group to a restaurant to celebrate that special milestone in your life – an anniversary? birthday? just because you want to have friends around you in your home and have Chef Casey cook privately JUST FOR YOU??? Get in touch. We can make that happen. Here is the link to peruse past and upcoming classes/events…

I’d also just quickly like to say, thank you, for hanging in there, supporting us with your kind thoughts and words while we work very hard to pivot and evolve. Fresh Market Kitchen will always be your source for delicious, homemade meals from scratch, family style with style. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Chef Casey at

We wish you great food with family and friends.

Chef Casey & Caveman Rob xo

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A Message of Hope From Fresh Market Kitchen, Selkirk

A few weeks ago, we announced that Fresh Market Kitchen was closing its front door to the public. We said goodbye to our amazing team and locked the door. We began selling decor items and some equipment that we knew we could not take to a smaller space. The original plan was to move out of Selkirk and start over in a smaller location. While soul searching and trying to reconcile this heartbreaking decision over the last number of weeks, we were forced to examine the worldwide covid situation as well as my own personal mental health and well-being and, once again, pivot and evolve in order to keep the dream alive – to provide upscale, friendly and approachable restaurant-quality food. So…with that in mind, Fresh Market Kitchen, while still remaining closed to the public on a day-to-day basis, is remaining in Selkirk, Ontario and will continue to run as a commissary kitchen with Chef Casey preparing frozen meals, frozen bbq, soups, pickles and desserts available to order via our website and delivery only (very soon!). Caveman Rob and I literally built this kitchen with our own four hands, transforming what was once a thriving hardware store and then a successful motorcycle shop to the kitchen you have come to know and love.

What’s next for Fresh Market Kitchen?? Classes and private chef events will be a huge focus for Fresh Market Kitchen in this ever changing world, and now you and other like-minded individuals have the opportunity learn in the safety of my large open-style commissary kitchen in Selkirk in a very small setting without judgement, learning top tips, new techniques and enjoying delicious approachable food made from scratch.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support throughout this extremely difficult transition. It has been a very difficult decision for the business and mainly for my own personal mental and physical health, but I just can’t imagine not cooking…not creating…not doing what I love most…and that is cooking from the heart, family style with style.

From our family to yours, we continue wish you great food with friends and family.

Chef Casey and Caveman


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A Message From Fresh Market Kitchen, Selkirk

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you that, effective immediately, Fresh Market Kitchen, Selkirk, is closing its front door to the public. Please know that we did our very best to fight through all of the restrictions and hardship that Covid thrust upon us from the moment we opened our very own bricks and mortar, but the task of operating a take-out service has become too great and we are no longer able to serve you personally in our kitchen. We have had to say goodbye to all of our dedicated and extremely hard-working team, and we know you will be as sad as we are not to see their smiling faces greet you in our kitchen. We feel privileged to have met and served such wonderful people in our community, and it has been our pleasure to welcome you to our kitchen in Selkirk. We hope that we always made you feel welcome and part of our family and that we have helped create some wonderful memories for you and your families around your kitchen table. We hope to see you very soon at a festival or private event in the very near future.

From our family to yours, we wish you great food with friends and family

Chef Casey and Caveman


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We love that you love us!

Chef Casey and Caveman Rob truly love creating scratch bbq. They love it even more when you share pics of your plates! Here are a couple from this past Saturday‘s special evening meal of bbq ribs and smoked jumbo chicken wings. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Steeltown Smokers/Fresh Market Kitchen’s low and slow cherry-wood smoked ribs in our housemade Midget bbq sauce, smoked Ontario jumbo chicken wings in our new “Under Duress” bbq sauce, housemade apple and fennel creamy coleslaw, celery and carrots with homemade blue cheese dip ❤️ and the almighty dinner roll.

Steeltown Smokers/Fresh Market Kitchen’s low and slow cherry-wood smoked ribs in our housemade Midget bbq sauce, smoked Ontario jumbo chicken wings in our housemade “Under Duress” bbq sauce, homemade pork and beans, celery and carrots with homemade blue cheese dip and the almighty dinner rolls ❤️

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Rudy (AKA Prince Charming) Takes to the Stage!!!

Rolling Smoke 2021

Let the smoke roll… the start of a 6-Hour Cook

The latest addition to our team, Rudy (AKA Prince Charming) is teaming up with Cinderella today. Offering up some REAL BBQ, Cinderella is in charge of the wings, and Rudy will be taking it low and slow with the ribs.

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Coupon code to enjoy 20% off online reservation of freezer meals and soups at Fresh Market Kitchen

Fresh Market Kitchen is helping you take the stress out of mealtimes and limiting your trips out for essential food items. Take advantage of our online reservations via our website and stock your freezer with our always from scratch frozen soups and meals. Use coupon code staysafe2021 at checkout to enjoy 20% of your order. (Limit one coupon code per customer). Book your day and time for safe in-kitchen or curbside pickup.