A Message of Hope From Fresh Market Kitchen, Selkirk

A few weeks ago, we announced that Fresh Market Kitchen was closing its front door to the public. We said goodbye to our amazing team and locked the door. We began selling decor items and some equipment that we knew we could not take to a smaller space. The original plan was to move out of Selkirk and start over in a smaller location. While soul searching and trying to reconcile this heartbreaking decision over the last number of weeks, we were forced to examine the worldwide covid situation as well as my own personal mental health and well-being and, once again, pivot and evolve in order to keep the dream alive – to provide upscale, friendly and approachable restaurant-quality food. So…with that in mind, Fresh Market Kitchen, while still remaining closed to the public on a day-to-day basis, is remaining in Selkirk, Ontario and will continue to run as a commissary kitchen with Chef Casey preparing frozen meals, frozen bbq, soups, pickles and desserts available to order via our website and delivery only (very soon!). Caveman Rob and I literally built this kitchen with our own four hands, transforming what was once a thriving hardware store and then a successful motorcycle shop to the kitchen you have come to know and love.

What’s next for Fresh Market Kitchen?? Classes and private chef events will be a huge focus for Fresh Market Kitchen in this ever changing world, and now you and other like-minded individuals have the opportunity learn in the safety of my large open-style commissary kitchen in Selkirk in a very small setting without judgement, learning top tips, new techniques and enjoying delicious approachable food made from scratch.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support throughout this extremely difficult transition. It has been a very difficult decision for the business and mainly for my own personal mental and physical health, but I just can’t imagine not cooking…not creating…not doing what I love most…and that is cooking from the heart, family style with style.

From our family to yours, we continue wish you great food with friends and family.

Chef Casey and Caveman



  1. Kee your dream alive! We all support and encourage you♥️

  2. Glad you both made a decision to keep your dream alive. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  3. Looking forward to ordering from you again! So glad you are staying!

  4. Wishing your family success!🥂

  5. Kathy Cometto

    So happy you will be staying in Selkirk. You and your business has been a wonderful addition to this community. Every time we walked in you greeted everyone with a smile and a sincere welcome. I wish you nothing but success with your new venture. All of us will continue to enjoy the delicious food you make.

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